5 Misconceptions about User Experience that Still Exist

User experience is something that builds a strong impression on your business; it might be negative or positive. A good web design offers good user experiences and facilitates better customer service while helping you attain customer loyalty. In today’s competitive world, web designing has become a hot commodity and still most of the clients don’t have a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve through their website. But the main goal of most of the websites is to build their online presence.

The main purpose of UX design is to find a right way to adhere to the user’s needs. Of course, UX design is relatively a fresh concept and hence there are a lot of misconceptions on the subject like misunderstanding the basic principles of UX design and coming to the false conclusions.

Here are some misconceptions of UX designs that are still making rounds:

  1. UX is optional: UX is definitely not an option; each and every business will have specific goal and if that goal has to be achieved, it must offer a good customer experience. When a company dispatches an invoice, the tone of it might be on-brand or a template; however, both the solutions get paid but one of them gets a better chance of retaining the customers.
  2. Users make rational choices: This misconception has been the main reason for most of the businesses to fail. If not millions, at least thousands of great ideas have failed because people didn’t consider the fact that just because your product is a rational choice, it will not be the necessary choice for people in the market.
  3. Understand your users: It’s the common mistake being made by most of the businesses today. The businesses themselves believe that they understand their customers very well, know their likes and what they expect from the company. But the thing to be made clear is that, you always love your product and hence you think that even others love it. The only way to attain good results is to test everything and collect clear and objective data.
  4. UX is just about usability: Certainly usability is an essential part of any UX design but it’s not just about usability. There are some business principles that cannot be ignored. For a design to be a success, learnability and responses by the target audiences need to be studied and implemented.
  5. UX is a onetime thing: Designers think that UX is just a onetime thing; i.e. it they think that it can be finished at once and thrown aside. But the fact is that, the landscape of online markets keeps on changing. So the designers need to consider updating the UX designs because the businesses that continually monitor the UX can achieve measurable success.

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