Extending and Developing Drupal 8: Few Powerful Ways You Need To Know

If you are planning to become an early adopter of Drupal 8, it’s certainly the right take for you as more than 400 sites including Manhattan Associates (one of the Drupal 8 pioneers) are running on it. Though Manhattan Associates seemed happy with Drupal 8 with respect to front-end technologies, what sealed the deal for them were, a few powerful ways through which they could extend and develop Drupal 8.

Easy Configuration Management

  • The powerful configuration management of Drupal 8 reduces the developer friction for deploying some new features, while saving cost to company and also improving the overall development experience.  Using Drupal 8, it’s really easy to set up and maintain the parity between staging, development and production environments, so that you will know that if your app works in dev, it will work in production as well.
  • The configuration can also be stored in version control so that you can rollback to changes and share environments easily.

Integrating Web Services

  • Drupal 8’s incredible web services make it easy to plug-and-play any application that wants to share any data with Drupal. The web service package comprises authenticated RESTful API for importing and exporting the data that supports various output formats like XML and JSON. Instead of storing the data in multiple places or across different services, it can be centralized in Drupal and can later be retrieved through the API.
  • Drupal can also be made a consumer of other services which can use the API to push the data into Drupal. This facilitates greater interoperability between Drupal and other technologies like sales, marketing and business intelligence tools.

Batteries-included Internationalization

  • In Drupal 8, the multilingual capabilities are ubiquitous and they help in creating flexible, simplified and a thorough platform for internationalization that meets the requirements of global companies. Drupal 8 allows the administrators of Global offices to work in their native languages while collaborating with peers in other countries. The admin can also choose from 94 languages for native install. Also, every interface down to the configuration files can be translated. For users across the globe, Drupal 8 sites are equally friendly and every element of the site can be translated for the best experience.
  • Having fantastic support for translation in Drupal 8, it’s a definitely great solution for a global company that wants to have an international presence.

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