13 Tips for Better Joomla CMS Security

17 May 2012

Liverpool : With the surging popularity of Joomla, it's no surprise hackers are drawn to it as well. Don't panic, however. There are a number of things you can do to strengthen your security and turn your Joomla website into a fortress. Read along as we show you how to guard against the most common exploits and hacks that this open source CMS faces.

  • 1. Servers and Hosting
  • 2. Enable and Use the htaccess File
  • 3. User Accounts and Permissions
  • 4. Backups and Incident Management
  • 5. Manage Your Extensions Carefully
  • 6. Remove Extension Version Numbers
  • 7. Remove Unused Files
  • 8. Password Protection
  • 9. Change Default Table Prefix
  • 11. Shut Down the Joomla FTP Layer
  • 12. Turn Off Register_globals
  • 13. Search Engine Friendly URLs

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