18 Most Prominent Features in iOS 8

14 November 2014

Liverpool: iOS 8, the current version of Apple’s operation system software for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, has been introduced worldwide on 17th September, 2014. A lot of users are growing restless to upgrade their Apple devices to the latest iOS8 and take pleasure in all the new features iOS 8 brings. Upgrading to iOS 8 is quite easy, only thing you need to click Update on iTunes or Install Now on an iOS device.

What are in iOS 8 that will transform the mobile life of daily iPhone user? Below are the most significant changes in this recent OS, based on what Apple revealed at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and reports about the beta software.

1. New keyboard(s)

There is nothing more basic to the iPhone than its onscreen keyboard – and in iOS 8, it gets an improvement by means of predictive typing, which recommends numerous options for the next word as you type. This is a trait that’s been on Android for a time, though Apple says its execution is better – as it learns what you are possibly to say to different colleagues and friends.

Simultaneously, Apple is allowing developers to offer their personal keyboards. You may have attempted Swype for Android, for instance which employs an algorithm that enable you swipe around a keyboard rather than tap; the organization has by now said will make its keyboard accessible for iOS.

2. Battery usage indicator

It’s most likely the most frequent complaint about the iPhone: The battery drains very fast. This is, certainly, reliant on exactly what you do with it.

In iOS8, the settings will give a way to check which apps and functions are draining your battery. With that help, users will able to alter their settings selectively or uninstall the right apps to make the best of their battery.

Developers will definitely find the feature helpful, as it ought to make their apps more proficient. To sum up, this could be the most welcome new feature in iOS 8.

3. Continuity

Apple took the plan of collaboration through the cloud to a new level with a novel feature Handoff, part of its “Continuity” Concept. If you have a Mac or iPhone, you will be able to begin a task on one device and end on the other. As the devices are responsive to each other, all you have to do is click one button and it function on iPad also.

Continuity has the following bonuses:

  • AirDrop will function between Macs and iOS devices.
  • Using your iPhone as a personal hotspot has never been easier. There's no configuration needed — the iPhone will just know when your Mac needs the connection.

4. New camera features

The Camera is perhaps every Smartphone’s most used app. Apple likes to keep its interface quite easy, but in iOS 8, users will obtain a couple of more alternatives:

  • a three-second timer and
  • Time-lapse capture for video — sort of the opposite of the slow-motion mode introduced in iOS 7.
  • Gets focus and exposure controls.

5. Family Sharing

With iOS 8, Apple is taking the initial step toward integrating Apple IDS by bringing in Family Sharing, which allows different Apple users share all content then have downloaded from iTunes. Up to 6 people can be chosen family members, and it offers a great solution to the difficulty of kids downloading paid apps on their parents’ credit cards: With Family Sharing, the parents gets informed, and then can allow or disallow the purchase.

6. iCloud Photo Library

Currently iCloud stores the last 100 photos from your iOS devices free of cost. With iOS 8, users will be allowed to upgrade to iCloud Photo Library, which will directly upload all iPhone/iPad videos and photos to iCloud. Users just get 5GB for free, though – storage charges $0.99 per month for 20GB, with tiers all the way up to 1TB.

7. Interactive Notifications

Simply need to respond to a message with a single word? Why do you have to open Messages for that? In iOS 8 you don’t have to – simply pull down the banner that emerges and you can type your answer – then get back to playing Candy Crush.

The Notifications on the lock screen are also interactive. Swiping responsive to the left will disclose Reply/Dismiss buttons, allowing you to do things quicker without unlocking.

8. Widgets

This is another improvement that Android had for years: widgets, made probable by iOS 8’s “extensibility,” which enables apps to share functions and data with other apps.

Don’t get too thrilled – widgets will exist in the notification center, not the home screen. But their advent on iOS is a huge improvement, and if Android is any sign, you can wait for the floodgates to unlock for these small, “glanceable” mini apps when iOS 8 introduces in the fall. 

9. Messages upgrade

In iOS8, Apple’s built—in messaging app has extra to offer. Apple added the capability to send audio and video messages to your acquaintances. With audio, they are easy: just open the discussion and raise the phone to your ear to start recording. Users can also allow these kinds of messages self-destruct after a definite amount of time – but that’s only a memory-management feature, and not, as has been claimed, an effort to move in on Snapchat’s territory.

Simultaneously, Messages includes a couple of handy features:

  1. You can set Do Not Disturb on definite threads so you are not continually receiving notifications from big group messages.
  2. You can even share your location with contacts you are conversing with, like in the Find My Friends app, viewable through a new “Details” button on threads.

10. Lock screen app suggestions

In iOS 8, users will observe new icon on the iPhone lock screen that seems like the App Store. Swipe up and you will see app recommendations depending on your location.

The feature could be a latest path to app discoverability, but we have to see how this plays out between Apple, sellers and developers.

11. iCloud Drive

You may have been annoyed by the lack of a native file system for iOS, if you ever attempted to save, suppose, a PDF from an email on your iPhone. Shortly iCloud Drive will address that difficulty, while at same time providing a cloud-storage service like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. It’s compatible with Windows but not with Android.

12. Health

The new Health app offers central place for all the health and fitness details you are storing on the iPhone. A lot of apps such as Fitbit and Nike+, do this independently, but now those applications will be able to integrate into one app – presuming developers take benefit of Apple’s Healthkit podium.

Apple is also partnering with healthcare providers to aid bring the iPhone health data to the care specialists and doctors who can actually do something with it. Health could have a thoughtful effect on preventive medicine, if both care centers and developers maintain it.

13. TouchID for apps

Apple got fingerprint reading mainstream with the TouchID sensor in the iPhone 5S. In iOS 8, it’s going to bring in that level of handiness to developers, who can allow a user unlock a password stored in their keychain by putting their finger on the reader. That could potentially be even handier than Lastpass app logins on Android.

14. New Siri features

Be cautious as even if the iPhone is in a dormant state, you can say “Hey Siri” to wake up the phone and inquire something. The phone has to be put to charge for this to work, implying Apple possibly sees it as a hands-free solution for the car.

Siri can also recognize songs with built-in Shazam incorporation. So rather than launching an app, all you will require doing is holding down your iPhone’s home button to realize what music is playing.

15. The Weather Channel

In iOS 7, Apple’s weather app got its information from Yahoo, which is now replaced by Weather Channel in iOS 8.

16. Contacts on apps screen

Apple identified it was not using all the space on the apps screen that emerges when you double-click the home button. You will see a strip of the latest contacts along the top, right above the apps running.

17. More Spotlight results

Searching on the iPhone in iOS 8 now introduces Wikipedia, iTunes results for everything you are seeking.

18. Full-featured Safari

Safari got a big upgrade in iOS 7, and though the upgrades in iOS 8 are more incremental, they are allowed. There’s more suppleness in Private browsing, allowing you keep usual and private tabs separate.

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