5 Effective On-boarding Techniques that Make Users Stick to Your App

20 October 2015

Liverpool: There was a time when users had believed that UX is all about an intuitive and delicate design. But if get deeper into it, there are lots of other factors that affect user experience. It’s a lot more than just the interface. The user experience depends on the aspects like web content, marketing messages, formatting, CTAs and also the value of a product. So basically, a happy or satisfied user implies to a good user experience.

But how would you make the users happy? By providing the best solutions for their problems! User on boarding is one of the best ways to keep the users happy. User on-boarding is not a feature to just introduce and forget it. It’s an on-going process that helps you turn your first visitors into active user. It’s always the first experience that creates an impression on the product.

Here are the 5 user on-boarding techniques that make users stick to your app:

#1. Interactive tutorial: Quick and easily understandable tutorials are certainly an important part of user on-boarding process. It’s the best way to greet the users. But you need to make sure that you don’t annoy them by teaching the things they already know. The tutorial must be like, instructing users about the things that might confuse them. It’s all about making the users understand how your app is going to help them.

#2. App permissions: You need to understand when to ask permissions from the users. It’s the trickiest part; it could ruin the experience of the user completely if you ask permission in the wrong time. Also, it’s very important to know that you shouldn’t ask for the permission that you actually don’t require for providing the service. Even if your app needs certain permissions, make sure you give the users something before asking permission. Allow them to use the app straight away; ask for permissions only when the app cannot operate without them.

#3. Keep it simple or remove signup: Considering yourself, would you find it good to fill out the lengthy registration forms? No would be the obvious answer. So, a good app on-boarding is the one that comes with no forms. Even if you want to have a form, make sure that you simplify it making it as short as possible. Try to save the valuable time of users by implementing inline validation, smart defaults and other usability hacks that works for your app.

#4. Mails and push notifications: Once you have made a great first impression, you now have to retain the users. You can make use of push notifications and emails (if you have already gathered the information) to remind users about the app. But remember that you shouldn’t be too intrusive and the push notifications must be of some value. You can try email drip campaigns which are pre written emails and are sent to the users with the intervals of 2 or 3 days. With these mails, you can guide users through the app or tell them about any new features.

#5. Customer service: Caring for your users and providing solutions for their problems must be your top priority. It’s always reassuring to know that there are people behind a product. No marketing efforts would speak louder than the satisfied users. So make sure that you have an empathetic and well-trained customer support team.

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