6 Remarkable Things that Changed the Trend of Mobile Apps Development in 2014

21 January 2015

Liverpool: Because of the variety of hardware and software ecosystems, irregular internet connectivity and contrary app delivery methods, mobile development has been a black art for many.  However, most of the developers feel that they have come to terms with mobile application development. In the year 2014, mobile developers saw a lot of things which changed the mobile development trends. These changes seem to extend in the coming years as well.

Here are a few things which changed the trend of mobile development in 2014:

  1. Apple released iOS 8: Apple released the latest version of its OS in the year 2014. Now, 2/3rd of the Apple devices are running on the latest iOS 8; this dithers the adoption of other recent releases of the OS. But the slower adoption would also help iOS 8’s features to set for some time which would favour the interest of developers to bring in new features which makes users go crazy.
  2. Google released Android 5.0: Google also launched the latest version of its mobile OS which is called the Android Lollipop (version 5.0). Lollipop version features a new material design and a significant user interface which is intended to enable the things and applications that look and run well on any device or of any screen size. Google also made the Play services available for all the devices running on 2.3 or later versions of Android.
  3. The phablet wars commenced: The war of phablets was commenced in the year 2014; though the sales of phablets has not taken up yet, estimation says that the phablet market is just waiting to explode. According to the estimation, phablet market grows with twice the growth of smartphone’s market. So the designers and developers will now have to account for a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions.
  4. Microsoft closed Nokia deal: Microsoft officially closed the deal with Nokia and now is the proud owner of the giant Nokia’s handset division.  Experts say that, this is because Microsoft wants to gain the huge market share booming over the globe from the low-price smartphones like Lumia (Lumia 638).
  5. Wearables: The year 2015 started with the discussions and debates on wearable devices. While the topic was still under discussion, Google released Android wear and Apple made an official announcement on the release of smartwatch which is set to be released in the early 2015.  But these are still the early days for wearables if you exclude health trackers from Nike, Fitbit and more.    
  6. Android remains #1: According to IDC, Android operating system continues to dominate the market with 1.3 billion new units shipped across the globe. Such a huge market share was not necessarily by Samsung devices; the OS is creating a huge demand around the world because of the low-price smartphones. Actually, the Chinese firms like Lenovo and Xiaomi are taking up the larger slices of Android pie.

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