7 Tips to Spice up Your Flash Banner Design

2 July 2012

Liverpool : Use of Colors in Banner

When you are designing a banner, exercise caution while choosing colors. This is especially significant if you are targeting a specific country. Say for instance, if you are using black to design your banner, be careful to target web users in the United States. This is because black is regarded as the color of mourning in the U.S. On the other hand, red denotes warning and danger in some countries. You should be careful with the use of red in your banner design.

Add Animations

If you are feeling like adding animation to your banner ads, then use it wisely. Animations should entice your visitors and not annoy them. There are certain guidelines that you should follow while including banner animations.

Let's have a look at them:
Use Vibrant Colors - If you want to increase CTRs, you should use vibrant colors like yellow, blue or green. In case you wish to use red, then use it in moderation.

Include a Call-to-Action Button - You can also increase your CTR by adding call-to-action buttons like 'Submit' or 'Click Here'. You can design these buttons using attractive graphics so that web users are tempted to click on them.

Animation should not Loop Continuously - Make sure that your animation doesn't loop incessantly. It will annoy your visitors more than pleasing them. It should loop not more than 7-8 times. Also ensure that you keep the most significant message on the last frame.

Restrained Animation - Adding animations to your Flash banner doesn't imply that you over do it. It should be restrained to grab the attention of your visitors, and not too high flying to mess the design of the web page you are advertising on.

Place the Message in the First Frame - Online users have little patience. They will generally not wait for a long time for the banner animation to load. Therefore, your designer should place the message in the first frame, if your banner takes a long time to load.

Design Should Blend with the Page :

The banner design should blend with the rest of the web page. It should not be so flamboyant to scream out the message, "CLICK, CLICK, and CLICK". This will irritate your visitors as they will have a feeling that things are being imposed on them. Instead, your banner design should gel with the rest of the page.

Banner Should Link to an Informative Page

It is information that web users look for. If visitors click on your banner, they expect to be directed to a page that provides the information they are looking for. Therefore, you should link the banner to a page that has information.

Include the word 'Free'

You should always include the word 'Free' in your Flash banner to increase the CTR. The word free tempts users to download something without cost. You can offer a free demo game for enhanced response! You can also offer some benefits like SEO.

Short, Crisp Message

Your banner messages should be simple, lucid and short. This will make your banner more focused.

Update Banners Frequently

Your banner should be updated every two weeks. Banners that are updated on a regular basis have higher CTRs.

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