CNP Integrations publicizes the instant release of their Admin Access Control Content Tags 3.x.

8 August 2013

Liverpool: CNP Integrations declares the immediate accessibility and release of a new plugin for their collection of modules and plugins packaged together with their Admin Utility Kit. Presently the plugin can be downloaded for free from the page on the CNP Integrations web site and will be obtainable in coming weeks as part of the Admin Utility Kit.

The Admin Access Level Content Tags plugin lets content managers to set permissions for precise content within an article or ZOO item. This maximizes the ACL capabilities for any Joomla site giving the administrator infinite flexibility for targeting content to specific user groups with adding a simple custom tag around the content “{ }.” Users can have complete formatting control over the content between the tags and can put in images or media etc.

Once combined in the Admin Utility Kit the tool suite provided by CNP Integrations Joomla content administrators will be able to take benefit of a very simple installation and a vast toolbox of handy Joomla Extensions.

The “Admin Utility Kit” for the powerful open source community driven Joomla CMS simplified and eases the job of system administrators. This set of Joomla extensions is targeted at assisting Joomla administrators enhance productivity and offer speedy access to back end resources. All of the included Joomla Plugins and modules are obtainable on the Joomla Resources Directory and free to download from CNP Integrations web site

The Admin utility Kit is a considerate collection of extensions built by the Joomla development team at CNP Integrations [ especially for the new Joomla 3.x series release. Productivity efficiencies are gained by dipping the amount of clicks needed to toggle editors tools, extending sessions to avoid having to log in many times while working, remembering your click paths with last visited links and offer the ability to produce custom quick icon links within the administrator user interface of the Joomla! CMS system.

Quite a few of the current collection of 8 extensions (plugins and modules) enables users to set parameters making them flexible to a variety of configurations. The code is open source GPL so developers can modify or update features based on the original code. “These ideas came out of our project managers searching for ways to improve efficiency and have shortcuts to working in a browser based editing environment. Adding these tools to our development projects helped us stream line processes. The Admin Utility Kit is a real time saver for working with Joomla 3.0.” Says Christopher Nielsen, CEO and co-founder of CNP Integrations.

The Amin Utility Kit comprises several extensions built around four unique feature sets and will provide both individual extension downloads or a an easy to install pack of all four collections.

NEW: Admin Access Level Content Tags is a plugin that allows content managers to set permissions for specific content within an article or ZOO item.

Admin Edit Switch is a Plugin and Module combination that lets you to quickly switch between editors without having to return to your profile or global settings.

Admin Quick Icons is a module that enables you to organize custom links and assign images to them. This gives the ability to put up your own collection of resource links with related icons which could be accessed as your own custom dashboard.

Admin Session Extend is a utility that enables you to widen the administrators user session. This can be useful to admin who want to keep their sessions active while jumping between activities. This is a collection of 2 plugins that work together. The Remember me backend Provides remember me functionality. Session Extend will work as follows: If user does not opt for remember me, this plugin will set remember until browser closes.

Admin Last Links is a Plugin and Module combination for quickly accessing your last visited links while working in the4 admin area of your Joomla site. This can lessen the number of windows you need to keep open and allow you to return to most recent locations that you have navigated to in your Joomla! Admin area.

The Amin Utility Kit and any of the included extensions are free with limited support and obtainable for download at

Joomla! CMS [ is an award winning open source content management system and web application development platform that is used on over 2.8 % of all websites on the internet with more than 35 million downloads worldwide. Joomla is a really unique business model run and ruled by an international community of synergetic volunteers. It is assisted by a loyal business community of expert developers and innovative designers.

CNP Integrations is recognized for delivering top class support for Joomla CMS.

CNP Integrations has an engaged global team of technical and configuration experts and employs highly skilled programmers and project managers with the focus of offering the most responsive web application support services for the Joomla CMS and other compatible technologies. CNP Integrations is a business division of Creative Networks Protocol Inc., a Massachusetts based corporation. CNP Integrations offers best technical support and hosting with a value building method and a proven process of project management success.

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