Do Press Releases Still Have SEO Value?

3 July 2013


Liverpool: Press releases can be employed by a company to endorse a new product launch or service. A press release can be a helpful SEO marketing tool and must be measured as part of a strategy of increasing web traffic to your website and page reviews necessary to increasing your exposure and growing your business. There is a lot of value with the use of a press release and comprehending how they add value is significant as you think your plan for SEO marketing.

About SEO Marketing

SEO marketing which stands for search engine optimization is a process of positioning your web page as near the top of a search engine result as possible so as to direct web traffic to your website. SEO marketing employs a range of techniques intended to look at certain words that are related to a searcher’s query. These words are called keywords and the density of these words on a webpage that emerge in an informational piece, press release or other written material decide where your web page appears in search results.

It is significant to note that with SEO marketing the content designed to boost web traffic must be unique and original. Just copying pages from another website or retitling and reusing previously published material will not help out endorse your webpage. Search engine such as Bing, Google and others have build methods of sensing the true nature of content and will fine you by lowering a ranking of your website if the content is considered misleading or “spammy” in nature.

How Are Press Releases Employed in SEO Marketing?

Press releases offer you and your business an outlet to make declarations and feature some feature of the business that you want patrons to respond to. A press release used in SEO internet marketing works the same as a press release that is sent to print media outlets. You make use of the press release to provide information and direct a consumer to take some form of action. This action can be to direct consumers to your website for extra information or access to special coupons or discounts only obtainable to online viewers of the information. It can also offer your customers with details about product features and profits that can be used as an educational tool.

Creating More Traffic with Your Press Release

Understanding how SEO marketing works to boost web traffic and how a press release is one of the methods employed to compel clients to your doors, you must make it a practice to include press releases into your SEO marketing plan. Writing one or more releases weekly facilitates your patrons to anticipate regular release of information from your business and look to monitoring your website often. This constant stream of web traffic boosts your ratings and aids you maintain a higher ranking for your website.

A skilled SEO marketing team can aid you with the development of your press release strategy and give you writers who can develop original content. The cost of employing a SEO marketing firm may be well worth the investment.

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