Embedding Vine Videos on WordPress Site

29 July 2013

Liverpool: If you employ Vine and have a WordPress.com blog for building your brand, you can now embed vine videos handily on your blog or other WordPress site. Actually, doing so takes less actual code than embedding a YouTube Video or even a Twitter post.

In a latest post on the official WordPress.com blog, company “Story Wrangler” Cheri Lucas Rowlands explained the process in brief:

Just a URL and a Bit of Shortcode

To embed Vine videos onto WordPress, you’ll first want the URL of your video. If you’ve posted your clip to Twitter or Facebook, this code emerges at the end of the text in your post. It will always begin with “https.”

To get the URL from your Vine account, the procedure is a bit different. First, click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of your post. A screen will crop up with some choices. Pick the “Share this post” selection and then “Embed.” (This part is a bit like Twitter.)

Lastly, to display your Vine clip as a looping video instead of a video embedded in a player like a YouTube clip, you’ll want to copy just the URL minus the “/embed” shortcode on the embed page. Put that in a single line in the HTML of your page where you want it to come into view.

You can choose the size of the video clip with a bit more shortcode. Least size for your clip is 300 by 300 pixels, the default if you add no extra shortcode. Or add a larger size using shortcode that would look like this:

https://vine.co/v/hBFxTlV36Tg” width=400 height=400″

Remember all Vine clips are square. If you opt for different dimensions for the height and width of a clip, it will only display using the smaller of the two sizes.

Select Simple or Postcard Format

Lastly, you can make use of clips shared on your website to endorse your brand on Vine. Insert the URL with the shortcode type=”postcard” after your URL. The result is a postcard-like frame around the clip displaying your Vine profile.

Opting with the shortcode type=”simple” generates a clip without a frame. Still, moving the cursor over the video will reveal your Vine account information with a thumbnail in the lower left corner of the screen.

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