HTML5 Booming as a Hybrid Mobile App Development Tool

2 December 2014

Liverpool: Web developers have embarked incorporating creative technologies for building mobile apps which are not just rich in visual features but also include easy-to-use functionality, as the success of mobile app development is at a rapid pace. Among the numerous mobile app development technologies used by developers, HTML5 has emerged out to be a strong tool in the race.

What are hybrid mobile apps?

These are the apps that serve as the flawless blend of mobile and web apps. Just similar to native apps, hybrid apps are also created using favoured web technologies like CSS, JavaScript and HTML5. These hybrid apps are provided with easy access to device capabilities, as they have a built-in web-to-native abstraction layer.

Hybrid mobile app development tool:

HTML5 is a language which empowers developers to build opulent web-based apps that run on any device through the web browser. Adherents of HTML5 reckon that the quality is almost similar to that of a native app. In addition to that, it is much easier to adapt and make any changes to the app as you don’t have to go through any app store. Wrangles against HTML5 include lack of browser compatibility and performance.

Unlike native apps, the apps built using HTML5 have been competent in meeting the varying needs of individuals and business professionals who’re thinking of developing high-performing mobile applications. In a tussle of battle between the native apps and HTML5 apps, apps built using HTML5 have emerged out to be most successful.

A recent survey found that around 90% app users trust that HTML5 is enterprise-ready and substantiates more popularity in coming years. HTML5 has proved to be an answer for the suite of challenges created on today’s mobile phone technology.

Advantages of using HTML5:

  1. Low cost availability: HTML5 is available at low cost and it has been a key driver of outclass mobile app development projects. The key advantage of HTML5 is the inclusion of auto-updating in all the latest web browsers. This has helped numerous app developers to gather the confidence on using HTML5 for accomplishment of unique app development projects.
  2. Flexibility: Being an app developer, you have to ensure users with flexibility while accessing your app. This is something which can be easily done using system fonts. If you are thinking of developing an outstanding mobile app, employment of suitable system fonts can make wonders for your app’s success.
  3. Apps can be updated remotely: Today managing and monitoring the app has become a fuss for enterprise owners; HTML5 gives a huge sigh of relief as apps can be easily updated using HTML5 technology with the aid of specific functions.
  4. Supports iconography: Iconography serves as a key element for remarkable user experience which grabs the attention of targeted customers. Alike the usage of fonts, the use of high-quality icons also can enhance the performance of your mobile application. All the apps built using HTML5, make use of scalable icons. Additionally, developers can moderate the icons by including colour, shadow and transparency using CSS.
  5. HTML5 reduces vendor lock-in risks: HTML5 reduces the risk of database migration scripts as it is an open format interchangeable tool. It performs as the best tool for who don’t want to be confined by the use of proprietary plug-ins.

Whether you create a simple mobile app or the one which is rich in visuals and functional assets, HTML5 can be the right choice for you in terms of flexibility and cost.

At Fortune Innovations Liverpool, our developers are dexterous in creating hybrid app solutions that work flawlessly across various operating systems and device platforms. Contact us today and exploit the hybrid solutions through our mobile application development services.

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