Latest Marketing Optimizer for WordPress Plugin Released

23 September 2013

Liverpool: The new “Marketing Optimizer for WordPress” plugin will make it simpler for individuals and businesses to A/B testing landing pages and follow website conversions, says the plugin’s developer.

“Creating new landing pages for testing in WordPress has never been easier,” said Michael Myles, the CEO of Marketing Optimizer.

A landing page is the initial page that a website visitor will observe after clicking through to a website from a link or advertisement, such as Google AdWords.

Optimizing this landing page for conversion rates is vital to optimizing the cost per lead.

Or else, businesses may be spending significant resources in SEO and PPC, but failing to “seal the deal” by producing a lead or signup.

93% of companies employ inbound marketing for lead generation, according to a 2013 report from HubSpot.

However, not all businesses employ lead generation efficiently. Tools like “Marketing Optimizer for WordPress” are intended to aid businesses get lead generation better by boosting conversion rate and overall page presentation.

A/B testing, at times referred to as split testing, is a significant process for recognizing and revising problems with website conversion rates.

For instance, testing lets a business to check experiment with different calls-to-action, button colors, and even the placement of information on the page to decide which is most effectual at producing responses. Small changes to page design can lead to a considerable improvement in overall conversion rates.

“Testing your pages allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your website at meeting the goals of your business. Whether you are generating leads, signups, or sales – there’s always room to grow and improve, and this plugin helps companies do that efficiently within the familiar WordPress interface,"” said Michael Myles, CEO of Active Internet Marketing, the parent company of Marketing Optimizer.

The Marketing Optimizer for WordPress Plugin is intended to make the process simpler by eliminating technical barriers to use.

The plugin promptly creates new page variations, testing for headline changes, image changes, the addition of testimonials, button and symbol changes, call to action placement, and changes to different feedback forms.

The plugin employs the ‘Multi-armed Bandit’ method of rotating page variations. Most of the time, the system will routinely display the “best” page version that is obtaining most traffic. For the remainder of the page views, the plugin will display other variations so as to test different page layout alternatives. The ratio of experimentation on underperforming variations is configurable by the administrator.

The plugin will precisely track as many experiments as users wish to run, together with testing experiments that are performed alongside.

The Marketing Optimizer for WordPress plugin is well-suited with the Marketing Optimizer software-as-a-service, and takes in automatic Marketing Optimizer javascript publishing code, phone tracking integration, and other useful integrations with the flagship software.

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