Link Building Tutorial For The New SEO

19 September 2013

Liverpool: When it comes to SEO and link building, webmasters are puzzled and do not recognize if they are Arthur or Martha. There is still no doubt that we all still need backlinks to our sites!

We need backlinks because:

  • Bots travel through links and index our sites more often.
  • Real people visit our sites through links.
  • Links can sometimes help with search engine rankings.

If we do not build links then how does our site really get found?

There are two ways to build links:

  • Wait for others to create links for us.
  • Go out and build links ourselves.

The following link building tutorial will aid you draw incoming links by building your content and getting people interested in your site. There are no magical techniques, but if you pursue these few steps, you can begin drawing several new high-quality links every day.

Determine Your Incoming Keywords

Almost any link to your site will aid it improve its overall rank. But unless you serve a very wide audience, you really want to improve your site’s rank within your niche. For that you need targeted links.

Decide what keywords people search for in your niche. For instance, if your niche is puppy dog food, determine what people search for when looking for puppy dog food. Take out from that information a short keyword you want related with your site. That’s the keyword you want other people to use in their links to your site.

Now we all know you must vary your anchor text to make it look usual, but if a page is clearly about something in particular, you will get banned for creating a reasonable amount of links that say similar things.

Build Your Content Base

There are several Web entrepreneurs who went about link building backwards—they started link building before they actually had a website. Compelling people to link to a almost non-existent website is hard; convincing people to link to a great website is simple.

So make a great website. Check here on how to build a successful WordPress website.

It is suggested that before you use the rest of this link building tutorial, you make sure that you have at least 10,000 words of quality content. Anything less than that makes both people and search engines think your site could be a scam.

Now 10,000 words may sound like a lot, but if you’re zealous about your subject, you must be able to write 10,000 words in less than a weekend. And, when you’re done, you’ll have a lot of content to which other people can link.

Get Your Audience Working For You

The best link building technique is to get your audience working for you by linking to your site.

The number one way to get your audience working for you is to make them keyed up. You can do that in a number of ways:

Great content: If you aid them do something precious, your audience will rave about you—and when they rave about you, they will link back to your site. Just keep in mind that quality content is precisely what your audience wants to see. Thus if your readers are pleased, you must be doing something true!

Personal contact: If you build up a personal relationship with your audience through email, your comments, or social media, your audience will treat you as a friend and link back to you as frequently as possible.

Great deals: If you offer your audience a big deal on something, they’ll share it with their friends by linking to your site. If you see a good offer on a site, link to it, or consider giving away prizes as part of a contest.

Build Relationships

But don’t just make your audience happy—also make happy the other people in your niche. One great way to do this is by building link partners by forming relationships.

Link partners aren’t those old link exchanges which were popular 10 years ago when Google was just starting to get big. Link partners are people who work with you to endorse both your brand and theirs.

For instance, if you’re in the puppy dog food niche, you can partner with a company that sells puppy dog toys. You each agree to link to the other’s site in a blog post once a month. Those cross links, which will look 100% organic to Google, will help both of your sites develop.

Advanced Link Building Tutorial

Before I finish this link building tutorial, let’s discuss three advanced link building techniques around the guest post technique:

Repeating guest posts: one of the most basic link building techniques is offering to post on someone else’s blog. If they allow your post, they also link back to your blog. But if they like your post, why not make it a usual thing? After your post runs on their site, offer to automatically write and send them a post every two months, or at whatever frequency works for you. Every time they run one of your new posts, you’ll get a new link—and their audience will be more and more exposed to your company.

Prepare the ground for guest posting: The best links for your site come from sites with a higher page ranking than your site. But these higher-ranked sites are possibly flooded with offers for guest posts, so how do you make your offer stand out? That’s simple: Set up a relationship by frequently posting comments on their blogs. Make sure your comments are perceptive and pleasant.

List your guest posts: After you’ve guest posted on several sites, Generate a page on your site listing all of your guest posts. Then link to this page whenever you offer to guest post for another site. When that site’s editor sees all the sites you’ve posted on before, he or she will know that you’re easy to work with and that you generate great quality work—and producing good quality work is the key to success as per this link building tutorial.

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