London's Air Ambulance Uses 4G Network to Save People’s Lives!

23 March 2015

Liverpool: Today we are seeing the technological improvements in almost every field; like education, transportation, medical science and lot more. People nowadays are very much conscious about their health and they do a lot of activities to keep themselves fit and healthy. So with the continuous technological improvements, most of the mobile users consider health applications as a part of their healthy lives.   

Mobile medical applications are changing the way the people are living; they are using apps to diagnose the illness get the right treatment in time. Today there are several medical apps like apps to monitor heart rate, to monitor glucose level and also to check the blood pressure. Now a new app is being added to this section; but it’s slightly different when compared to the apps mentioned above.

Lifesaving dispatch app!

This new revolutionary application helps accident victims to get a faster treatment. London’s Air Ambulance has been tied up with EE (the advanced trauma team) to rescue people who suffer a major accident.  The app has been developed by mobile app developers with the assistance of the trauma team. It increases the efficiency of emergency dispatches by providing the incident information to the London’s Air Ambulance trauma team through EE 4G network which helps them to reach near patients quickly.

How does it work?

The app is optimized in such a way that it runs on EE’s 4G network which increases the efficiency of emergency dispatches by providing them the accurate incident data, navigation and also connection to all the emergency ambulance services. By using the information received, the trauma teams can be dispatched either by road or by air within just a few minutes. In some cases the dispatching of paramedics has been done in less than 10 seconds.

The development of this app involves the hands of a prominent development company and the trauma teams. This has been possible because of the strong and long running relationship between the organizations. The companies have been working together since 18 months to build some new ways of using 4G networks to enhance the efficiency. 

Air Ambulance service has saved 32,000 critical patients!

Say if 5000 emergency calls are received, the Ambulance service goes through the details of the incidents and sees six patients who are critically injured and provide them the special assistance before they get to the hospital. The try to reach the patients in 10 seconds; even those 10 seconds could be a matter of life and death.

Air Ambulance is providing its service in London from 26 years and has treated more than 32,000 critical patients. The launch of the app coincided with a charitable drive for fund raising. This would help them to have few more emergency helicopters.

This is certainly a revolution in app development technology; because accidents are very common nowadays and sometimes people may suffer some severe injuries such that they need the medical assistance immediately. In such situations Air Ambulance services provide the proper assistance for those who are in need and try to save their lives.

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