Over half of Best 100 blogs run on WordPress

23 September 2013

Liverpool: Pingdom accounts that WordPress has toughened its place as the dominating blog platform or Content Management System (CMS) for the world’s most accepted blogs.

52% of the world’s top 100 blogs are issued on WordPress, up from the 48% last year.

There are a few heavyweights running numerous WordPress blogs in the top 100 with The New York Times (7) and Wired (3). Yet, number one, Huffington Post, and number five, Gothamist, are running on Movable Type.

Custom publishing solutions, the next largest group behind WordPress, are being used by 12 publications. This is down from 14 last year, possibly indicating that publishers would rather abide by publishing than entering the world of software development.

Why the increased Use of WordPress by Major blogs?

  1. Improved security, if you have competent developers and IT people. WordPress was previously less protected than Moveable Type, particularly in the hands of less seasoned IT folks.
  2. User-friendly and frequently updated publishing interface.
  3. Lively and large open source community to tap into for facts and custom solutions.
  4. Able and devoted team of engineers, the corporate web development arm of WordPress founded by Matt Mullenweg, driving modernism across the WordPress network of blogs.
  5. Ability for developers such as LexBlog to leverage third party solutions, such as the Disqus commenting system, which are built to be included into WordPress.
  6. Rapid use of mobile. WordPress offers publishers an efficient and regularly updated publishing app as well as a platform for publishers to combine WordPress or third party solutions for generating mobile optimized content.

LexBlog used Movable Type for years. It was safe and the development community was larger than that for WordPress, believe it or not. We now employ WordPress as our core solution and revise it to give a best publishing and performance experience for our experts.

To get information of the breakdown on the blogging platforms used, click here: WordPress Web Development

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