Research Made on Smartphone Penetration Gives a Shocking Result!

20 February 2015

Liverpool: According to a new report, almost a quarter of Android devices around the world are of dual SIM card. This suggests that the smartphone penetration has been overestimated massively. Smartphones with dual-SIM facility were developed assuming that it would help people to stay connected; but a new research claims that the popularity of such multi-SIM devices could be creating a distorted view in the mobile market.

The numbers which are published on the mobile penetration are based on the subscriber numbers provided by the network operators. This created a wrong assumption that each SIM card represents an Individual subscriber. This would be a fair assumption in US and UK as dual-SIM devices are uncommon over there. Only 5% of total population in US and UK use dual-SIM smartphones.

40% of Android users have multi-SIM devices

But according to a recent research made on usage of smartphones, there are certain places where 40% of new Android users have multi-SIM devices. This directly suggests that there has been a massive over estimation on the penetration of smartphones. If you take the count of all the network subscriptions, you’ll end up with a wrong figure as many are using smartphones supporting multiple SIM cards.

Understanding the behaviour of a customer

It’s certainly a significant result, not just understanding the behaviour of customer; it also impacts the calculations of the number of people using mobile devices and hence the figures on mobile penetration in different countries. An app called OpenSignal analysed its own library (phones into which the app has been downloaded) and found that 26% of the users were using multi-SIM (about 1 million).

Smartphone penetration across the globe

In UK, US and Canada we can see the smartphone penetration of about 4%, in Australia it’s slightly higher (5%), whereas in European countries like Hungary, Greece, Spain, Croatia and Albania, it’s around 25%. OpenSignal, the app company which made a research on smartphone penetration admitted that its data can be considered as biased as its customers tend to be the people who care about signal and so they are more likely to buy dual-SIM phones.

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