Undeniable Significance of Mobile Ad Traffic

26 December 2014

Liverpool: Mobile Ads assist any businesses to reach audiences on-the-go. These ads appear on mobile devices along with the search results, with content websites or in apps. You can use these ads efficiently to put your business in front of people as many people are using their smartphones throughout the day. No matter whether you are determined on performance advertising or towards building your brand; mobile is a seamless way to reach audiences.

AppFlood’s research says that 90% of people wander between mobile devices to attain a goal, so getting to the customers on-the-go has been quite important than ever before. Mobile Ads help you in attaining the marketing objectives to get new customers, earn conversions and grow leads. It can also aid you in accomplishing your branding goals.

Nowadays, there will be a supercomputer in almost every pocket. So, mobile search and mobile advertising is now a vital part of people’s lives. The advertisers need to understand the significance of mobile ads along with the search results. According to the recent research made by AppFlood, the firm's report on Android advertising insights is mainly focused on third quarter of this year.

Here are a few key points of AppFlood’s report:

  • The cost of gathering single users declined to $0.26.
  • Personalization apps grossed more revenue by ranking 2.3 times more than communication apps which are in second position.
  • 67% of mobile users across the world are from the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.
  • Globally, the average mobile ad budgets have been thriving by 24% every month since July 2013.

The report also says that it’s not at all a bad time to take a chance of advertising through mobile devices as the greed for apps is continuously growing across the world. The install rates are growing tremendously in some developing regions and are recommending for the mobile app invention through ads.

Though most of the developers are noticing that the biggest spikes are happening from the U.S. market, the numbers in the report are definitely encouraging. Particularly for those who are thriving to break into the Chinese market, this would be the ideal time to allocate a marketing budget.

But a few categories like media and video apps might not experience the same uplift as personalization apps. So it has become a niche and is not being understood by the industry. Ultimately, as today’s consumers are constantly connected and are searching for a product or service through their mobile devices, it is so vital for a business to be found easily. And fortunately that’s right there, in their hand. Leave an impact with interactive, engaging and rich-media display ads on the mobile devices (web and apps).

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