Why SEO News is Vital to Your Business

20 March 2013


Liverpool: If you work in search-engine marketing (SEM) and have not checked the latest SEO news in the past month — or even longer — then you have missed on a lot of crucial information. Internet marketing is not like the traditional marketing of old in which the basic formulas like the 4Ps could be applied to any product, brand, or service over the years. Online marketing is completely dependent on technology, of course, and search technology is growing and changing at an ever-increasing rate


The reason is that Google must keep up with both the good and bad sides of the Internet. Contrary to popular perceptions, Google does not run the Internet — it is the other way around. Google has merely (and arguably) been the best company — at least so far — at indexing and organizing the digital anarchy that is the World Wide Web. And other search engines, like Yahoo! and Bing, are trying to do the same thing.


Why SEO News is Vital to Your Business

Google, as most online marketers know, is constantly changing the algorithm through which it does what it does. (And one often-repeated rumor is that so many people have been involved in the process over the years that there is no single individual who knows how it works completely. But that might be hearsay.) Part of the reason is common sense. In the early days of the Internet, websites consisted mainly of text and a few pictures. When people could start uploading audio and video, Google had to determine the best way to index and rank those pieces of information. The process repeats itself with every invention and innovation that relates to the Web at all. In addition, Google — and other search engines — must constantly test, analyze, and improve their processes while they battle each other for the largest share of the Internet-search market.


However, the other side of the digital coin is that Google must battle those individuals who use black-hat SEO software. If such a person determines a way to fool Google into thinking that his website has millions of legitimate backlinks, then his site will jump in search-engine rankings and he will make a lot of money — at least until Google figures it out and shuts him down. The search-engine giant must safeguard its algorithm — and adjust it, when necessary — to ensure that all rankings are as legitimate, relevant, and user-friendly as possible.


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The Need to Follow Internet-Marketing News

Of course, this is just a short introduction. But the fact remains that any who is serious about SEO, SEM, and online marketing must follow the latest technological improvements both on the search-engine side and the SEO-analysis one. Both parties, in the end, work together. White-hat SEO experts actually help Google to index the Internet properly by using keywords and links to direct Google to associate the right websites with the right terms, keywords, and subject matter. But it is hard to do when one falls behind the headlines.


The following is our collection of the latest, relevant SEO news (the most-recent is at the top). Click on the headline for more information. Happy learning!



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